Webinar: Driving Student Recruitment and Mental Health Through Generative AI

This hour-long moderated discussion features a national leader in student mental health research (Dr. Sarah K. Lipson), an AI guru focused on using Generative AI to drive enrollment through personalized support of students (Samin Khan), and the leader of a college that won the 2023 Aspen Prize as the Best in America by “ceaselessly striving to love our students” (Dr. Russell Lowery-Hart).


Prospective students (including the many with anxiety about the personal, social and academic challenges postsecondary enrollment presents) will be motivated to enroll if they believe there will be abundant personalized academic, financial, and mental health support, support that AI-tools can now dynamically amplify leading students to a sense of belonging from Day One.

Proposed Outcomes

  • Participants will understand the student mental health dynamics related to choosing to attend their institutions along with motivation drivers important to student decisions to enroll;
  • Participants will understand how ChatGPT4 and other Generative AI tools can amplify the message and personalize the appeal; and
  • Participants will have been led through the decision-making process at Amarillo College that created a “Culture of Caring” leading to exemplary student and college success.

Webinar Access

Sarah Ketchen Lipson

Associate Professor (Department of Health Law Policy and Management)

Boston University School of Public Health

Samin Khan

Product Manager


Dr. Russell Lowery-Hart


Amarillo College