"This was an exceptional learning experience, which improved my craft as a college educator."

Miami Dade College


"I've been teaching for a long time, but never had any pedagogical instruction. It was gratifying to see colleagues in action."

Long Island University


"I've often felt that I've mastered my discipline, but not my teaching. I am very excited to learn how to be a better educator."

Long Island University



Endorsed by the American Council on Education, ACUE’s Certificate in Effective College Instruction recognizes educators who complete the Course in Effective Teaching Practices. To earn a Certificate in Effective College Instruction, Course-takers:

  • Analyze high-quality video demonstrations of classroom instruction
  • Discern effective from developing practice
  • Demonstrate knowledge of effective instruction
  • Put new techniques into practice
  • Reflect on their practice and gain feedback from peers and a Facilitator
  • Hear from leading experts on research-based techniques
  • Review common challenges and misconceptions
  • Participate in discussions with peers and a Facilitator
  • Set goals for continued improvement

Record of Completion

As part of ACUE’s Course in Effective Teaching Practices, course-takers learn about research-based techniques and apply them in the classroom. The Course addresses a broad range of teaching essentials across five areas, as outlined in the Effective Practice Framework.

Faculty earn badged Records of Completion to recognize their advancement through the Course. As course-takers complete modules, the badges symbolize their progress toward fulfillment of the Course.

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