Inclusive Teaching for Equitable Learning

Tuition: $600

As educators, we can work to create inclusive environments with equitable learning opportunities to ensure that every student has the opportunities necessary to succeed.

ACUE’s microcredential course in Inclusive Teaching for Equitable Learning provides instructors with proven strategies to create a more equitable and just learning environment. Equity-promoting teaching practices are among the hundreds of recommended approaches that faculty learn about and develop in all ACUE programs, as demonstrated in ACUE’s Inclusive and Equitable Teaching Curriculum Crosswalk.

This course is organized around five competencies and takes approximately 10 weeks to complete. You will learn with a professionally facilitated online cohort of faculty members, with whom you will share insights and ideas.

Microcredential Course Modules:

  • Reducing the Impact of Bias
  • Managing Microaggressions in Learning Environments
  • Addressing Imposter Syndrome and Stereotype Threat
  • Creating Inclusive Learning Environments
  • Designing Equity-Centered Courses

Educators who complete the requirements for this open enrollment course earn a microcredential in “Inclusive Teaching for Equitable Learning.”

Next Course Dates:

  • April 10 for faculty of all types. Application deadline April 7.
  • July 17 for faculty of all types. Application deadline July 14.
  • October 16 for faculty of all types. Application deadline October 13.

ACUE can help you guide every student to success through evidence-based, inclusive teaching.

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