ACUE at AASCU 2018: What will it take for the student success agenda to succeed?

To create informed citizens and help students develop the skills necessary for success in an increasingly global workforce, institutions continue to explore new programs, policies, and practices. Yet how can colleges and universities stay focused on preparing students amidst these challenging times of breaking news alerts, political protests, and social change?

Navigating the social and political climate is the central theme explored by the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU) at their 2018 Academic Affairs Winter Meeting: Public Universities in Challenging Times. This meeting will focus on the following critical areas:

• Engaged citizens

• Career preparation

• Teaching and learning

• Faculty roles

• Student success

At the meeting, ACUE and our institutional partners will tackle questions from across the areas of teaching and learning, faculty roles, and student success. During an interactive lunch session, “What will it take for the student success agenda to succeed?” Dr. Penny MacCormack, chief academic officer at ACUE, Dr. Amy Chasteen Miller of the University of Southern Mississippi, and Dr. K. Laurie Dickson of Northern Arizona University will facilitate an analysis of popular interventions intended to improve student outcomes and share how USM and NAU are promoting evidence-based teaching practices as a strategic driver of change. By focusing on quality instruction, the presenters will explore what institutions must do to make the student success agenda truly succeed.

We hope to see you in San Antonio on Friday, February 9th at 12:45pm for a meaningful discussion.

Visit AASCU’s 2018 Academic Affairs Winter Meeting website to view the full schedule of events.

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