Bennett College Spotlight: HyFlex Classes

HyFlex classrooms are two-way learning experiences that use technology to allow educators to provide simultaneous instruction to online and in-class students with the expectation that all students in the course achieve the same learning outcomes, regardless of their location. Educators need training in both online pedagogy and technology to effectively facilitate a HyFlex learning experience for all students.

In this video, you will see Dr. Santiba Campbell and Dr. Annie Harrison demonstrate their use of HyFlex at Bennett College to create a collaborative community for online and in-person students. Dr. Campbell explains that Bennett College’s HyFlex model, Tech Enabled, was designed to first focus on online pedagogy, and then the use of technology, to deliver effective instruction. She emphasizes that strong pedagogy is essential to creating an “integrated, accessible space.” As such, instructors who are ACUE Certified in effective online teaching practices were selected to take part in Bennett’s first cohort.

Ask Yourself: What do you see as the benefits and challenges of teaching in a HyFlex modality?




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