LIU Launches ACUE’s Course on Effective Teaching Practices

ACUE Orientation in Effective Teaching Practices at LIU BrooklynLast week, Long Island University’s Post and Brooklyn campuses became the latest partner to launch ACUE’s pilot course on Effective Teaching Practices. LIU’s class includes over 90 educators who join the 500 faculty participating at ACUE’s dozen partner institutions across the country.

LIU’s Wendy Williams, Senior Instructional Designer, and Carol Hernandez, Instructional Designer, will facilitate the six-week course. Melissa Zantello, Executive Director of Program Development, ran kick-off orientation sessions at the two campuses.
To get started in the course, participants toured a module and got to know their colleagues, sharing a few stories about their teaching.

“They’re eager to participate and learn new techniques,” reported Ms. Zantello.

As a founding partner, under the direction of Paul Russo, Assistant Vice President for Instructional Innovation and Professor of Technology Strategy, LIU advised on ACUE’s course design and convened focus groups to prioritize faculty development needs and interests. We’re grateful for their active involvement.

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