The Collective and ACUE Join Forces to Prepare Students for Rewarding Careers

Career Leadership CollectiveAs you may have seen in Diverse: Issues in Higher Education, we recently launched a major collaboration with The Career Leadership Collective to further advance high-quality instruction and career preparation at colleges and universities nationwide.

“The Collective is committed to helping higher education and career leaders systemically weave

career education into the fabric of the campus and throughout the full student life cycle,”

said Jeremy Podany, Founder and CEO of The Collective. “Our collaboration with ACUE encourages our members to view the faculty-student relationship as central to this effort.”

Through this collaboration, The Collective’s members will have the opportunity to earn credit toward ACUE’s Certificate in Effective College Instruction with a concentration in Career

Guidance and Readiness through new online and face-to-face “seminars.” Podany was integral to the development of ACUE’s new career course, and we’re excited to deepen our work together, to advance our common goal to see all students receive a high-quality education and graduate with the skills necessary for successful careers.

“We formed this collaboration based on our shared commitment to student success through

teaching excellence and career preparation,” said Dr. Penny MacCormack, ACUE’s chief

academic officer. “Together, we recognize that every aspect of a student’s experience must have intrinsic value and propel them toward their futures.”

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