Career Guidance and Readiness Concentration

Be prepared to give your students the career guidance they need and expect.

More than ever, students want to realize a return on their educational investment.

Understanding their opportunities in the job market and establishing career readiness is important to students, and they trust their professors and instructors to guide them.

Two Career Guidance and Readiness Concentration modules.

Developed with support from Strada Education Network and in collaboration with the Council of Independent Colleges.

Perfect to add into ACUE’s certification and microcredential courses.

“It is by far the best teaching practices course that I have ever taken, without a doubt. The modules from day one were informative, interesting and innovative. I truly loved the whole format.”

–Faculty course taker

Career Guidance and Readiness

After completing the course, faculty report increases in their confidence to:

Embed career guidance in their courses



Confident Before

Confident After

Design assignments that prepare students to achieve their career goals



Confident Before

Confident After

Course Modules

  • Learn how to have initial career conversations with students. 
  • Inspire students to go to the career center and the importance of internships.  
  • Think about utilizing alumni to help current students think more concretely about what they may do after they graduate.
  • Learn career ready skills and start to plan assignments and projects to help students gain those skills. 
  • Understand that teaching teamwork requires more than placing students in teams.  
  • Develop students’ critical thinking, problem solving and good written & oral communication skills.