Laura Ortiz, EdD

Dean for Faculty Dev and Engagement

Dr. Laura E. Ortiz serves as Dean for Faculty Development and Engagement (FDAE) at Waubonsee
Community College. She is an authentic, bilingual (English/Spanish), comprehensive community college
leader, educator and administrator, who is passionate about education, social justice, and holistic faculty and
student success through inclusive teaching and learning excellence.

Dr. Ortiz actively exercises her transformational leadership style to cultivate and nurture relationships, to
inspire change and growth through shared vision and collaboration, and to communicate compassionately and
effectively across complex environments to improve teaching, learning, and organizational excellence.

Dr. Ortiz is an intentional diversity, equity, and inclusion practitioner who is committed to creating brave spaces for courageous conversations where diverse ideas, perspectives, and lived experiences are heard, welcomed, and valued. She purposefully champions inclusive, equity-minded teaching, learning, and working spaces to foster learning, promote sense of belonging and well-being, and to support holistic success for students, employees, and community members.