News Roundup: Culturally Responsive Teaching, Music in Class, Benefits of Higher Eduation

This week, a report highlights how culturally responsive teaching techniques can boost student achievement, and one professor describes the benefits of using music in the classroom.


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Delivering an Effective Lecture Through a Student’s Lens
Stephen Brookfield describes a variety of methods for engaging students through lectures. (The Q Blog)

Educating the Public on the Value of a College Degree
ACE President Molly Corbett Broad encourages the higher education community to remind the public of the benefits of a college degree, pointing to studies that suggest that college graduates are more economically and socially successful than their peers. (The Chronicle of Higher Education—Paywall)

Culturally Responsive Developmental Education
A new report shows that using culturally responsive teaching techniques and incorporating an integrated curriculum may boost student achievement in developmental courses. (Inside Higher Ed)

Indiana’s Active-Learning Mosaic Expands
An initiative at Indiana University gives instructors more freedom to use active-learning techniques to bolster engagement and encourage student collaboration. (Inside Higher Ed)

How to Cut Time to Degree
Leonard Cassuto discusses various universities’ approaches to helping doctoral students finish their degrees in shorter time spans. (Vitae)

Music in the Classroom
Doug McKee suggests that instructors incorporate music into their classrooms, noting that even when the songs don’t directly connect to the course content, they can still improve the overall mood and increase students’ energy. (Teach Better)

Partner news

University of Southern Mississippi: USM Faculty Members Complete Development Institute for Spring 2017 (Southern Miss Now)

University of Nevada-Reno: The Innevation Center Fosters Community, Promotes Entrepreneurialism (Nevada Today)

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