Amit Savkar

Director of Assessment and Teaching, Mathematics

Dr. Savkar is featured in ACUE’s modules: Preparing an Effective Syllabus, Developing and Using Rubrics and Checklists, Providing Useful Feedback, and Using Student Achievement and Feedback to Improve Your Teaching.

Starting as an Assistant Professor in Residence with the department of Mathematics at the University of Connecticut (UConn), Savkar has since then been working on improving the teaching and learning mission at the department of Mathematics. He created his own data integration and assessment system that uses concept mapping to relate learning objectives to student performance in pre-calculus through multivariable calculus. Recently he replicated a similar system for the department of Physics at UConn.

Savkar won the award for Teaching Fellow from the Center of Excellence in Teaching and Learning. His current research interests involve concept mapping, diagnostic classification modeling, and HLM to study multilevel data in the field of mathematics education at the University level.

Savkar received his PhD in mechanical engineering from UConn in 2007. He is currently pursuing his second PhD in the NEAG School of Education in the Measurement Evaluation and Assessment program.