Jeremy Podany

Founder, CEO, and Senior Consultant

Expert Consultant for the following modules:

  • Embedding Career Guidance Into Your Course
  • Developing Students’ Career-Ready Skills

Podany is also a contributor to ACUE’s Community of Professional Practice:

Podany is an innovation, leadership, and organization growth expert who has held nearly 40 unique leadership roles in the last 20 years, helping high-level leaders and leadership teams through multidimensional forward movement and change and creating systemic initiatives that positively influence career mobility. He has enjoyed a 17-year career in higher education and has helped to build six unique start-ups inside and outside of universities. Podany’s inventions and consulting solutions have helped hundreds of thousands of college students with career mobility. Podany regularly writes, speaks, trains, and consults for universities, businesses, and tech start-ups.

Podany holds a BA in English Education from Western Michigan University and a master’s degree in Higher Education Administration from Indiana University.