Joseph G. Johnson

Professor & Chair, Department of Psychology

Dr. Johnson is featured in ACUE’s Career Guidance and Readiness course.

Johnson is Professor and Chair in the Department of Psychology at Miami University, where he teaches graduate seminars in professional development, a training course for the undergraduate editors of the department’s student-run online research journal, and interdisciplinary course-based research experiences with considerable professional development components. He has also regularly taught disciplinary courses as well as a two-course requirement for psychology majors in research design and analysis including professional development, career skill building, and significant scientific writing. Prior to becoming department chair, he served as Miami University’s Director of Undergraduate Research.

Johnson earned a BA in Psychology and a BA in Economics from the University of Toledo, and his PhD in Psychology and Cognitive Science from Indiana University.

Johnson was the 2010 recipient of Miami University’s E. Phillips Knox Teaching Award for innovation in the research design and analysis curriculum and has received multiple awards for curricular initiatives including the establishment of COMPASS, a departmental student-run research journal. He has also been recognized by the National Institute on the Teaching of Psychology, as an Excellence in Education honoree in Ohio Magazine, and as a nominee for U.S. Professor of the Year (2011) by the Council for Advancement of Education.