Kathleen Jodl

Lecturer II, Psychology

Dr. Jodl is featured in ACUE’s module: Facilitating Engaging Class Discussions.

Jodl is a Lecturer II in the University of Michigan Department of Psychology and specializes in teaching courses on lifespan development, human infancy, and emerging adulthood. She has been teaching at the University of Michigan since 1997 when she was a research fellow.

After a two-year NICHD post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Michigan, Jodl continued at Michigan as a research associate at the Institute for Social Research. Her research examined family influences on psychosocial adjustment and identity development in adolescence and during the transition to adulthood.

Jodl graduated with honors from the University of Minnesota with her BA in Child Psychology and History. She holds an MA and PhD in Developmental Psychology from the University of Virginia.