Kristina Ruiz-Mesa

Associate Professor and Basic Course Director, Communication Studies

Dr. Ruiz-Mesa is featured in ACUE’s modules: Planning an Effective Class Session, Helping Students Persist in Their Studies, Using Active Learning Techniques in Small Groups, and Checking for Student Understanding.

Ruiz-Mesa is an Associate Professor of Communication Studies and the Basic Course Director for COMM 1100: Oral Communication at California State University, Los Angeles. At Cal State LA, Dr. Ruiz-Mesa directs one of the largest oral communication programs in the nation and teaches a variety of graduate-level and undergraduate courses, including Humanities Approaches to Race, Sex Roles in Communication, and Feminism and Communication.

Ruiz-Mesa worked in diversity, equity, and inclusion research and assessment at Villanova University, and has worked around the nation as a communication and diversity consultant. Her previous research on the academic impact of experiencing racial microaggressions in U.S. higher education has been used to improve support services for underrepresented students and has been presented at conferences throughout the United States and Europe.

Ruiz-Mesa earned her B.A. in Communication and a concentration in Latin American Studies, and an MA in Strategic Communication, both from Villanova University. She holds a PhD in Communication, with a focus on issues of identity and higher education, from the University of Colorado at Boulder.