Kristina Yelinek

Instructor, English

Yelinek is featured in ACUE’s Career Guidance and Readiness course.

Yelinek is an instructor at Colorado State University, where she works in the Composition Program teaching introductory and intermediate writing courses, with a special focus on working with students who are nonnative English speakers. She has codeveloped a summer experiential learning workshop that combines principles of composition and sustainability in which the students partner with community organizations to work on real-life projects. In addition, Yelinek has taught English for nonnative English speakers at a private language school in Dębica, Poland, and spent a semester as a visiting instructor at Vietnam National University of Forestry.

Yelinek graduated from Oberlin College with a BA in Geology. She also holds an MS in Geology from the University of Colorado, Boulder, and an MA in English from Colorado State University with a concentration in Teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language.