Paulette Reneau

Assistant Professor, Biological Science

Dr. Reneau is featured in ACUE’s modules: Engaging Underprepared Students, Using Concept Maps and Other Visualization Tools, Using Advanced Questioning Techniques, and Developing Fair, Consistent, and Transparent Grading Practices.

Reneau is an Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU) where she teaches General Biology and Evolutionary Biology. Her General Biology lecture course is taught as in an Active Learning style where students learn through collaboration with each other, engage in the content using innovative strategies, and utilize Learning Assistants to facilitate group discussions.

Reneau has taught both undergraduate and graduate students and mentors students in her research program. Her research interests include environmental genomics, molecular systematics, and comparative genomics. Her research focuses on the contributions of genetics, physiology, and abiotic factors to evolutionary adaptation and gene expression in stressful environments. Reneau is also the Coordinator of the Learning Assistant Program—a key initiative in support of the College of Science and Technology’s efforts to increase student success in STEM disciplines.

Reneau earned her BS in Biology Education from the University College of Belize. She holds an MS in Biology from Western Kentucky University and a PhD from the University of Oklahoma. She was a postdoc at Tulane University. Reneau is the recipient of FAMU’s 2015 Innovative Teaching Award.