Tony Crider

Associate Professor Physics

Dr. Crider is featured in ACUE’s module: Using Concept Maps and Other Visualization Tools.

Crider is an Associate Professor of Physics at Elon University in North Carolina. He regularly teaches classes on diverse topics such as Astrophysics, the Industrial Revolution, virtual reality, and extra-terrestrials.

He has been a Co-PI on two National Science Foundation grants–one to recruit and support STEM teachers and another to create, disseminate, and assess STEM-related Reacting to the Past games. He currently serves on the board of the Reacting Consortium and the executive committee of the North Carolina Section of the American Association of Physics Teachers.

Crider researches and writes both about higher education practices and Astronomy, including a recent paper on starburst galaxies, a book chapter on visual literacy, and a Chronicle of Higher Education article on his concept for replacing final exams with “Epic Finales.”

Crider earned his BS in Physics from Bowling Green State University. He holds a PhD in Space Physics and Astronomy from Rice University.