Zoë Cohen

Associate Professor, Physiology

Dr. Cohen is featured in ACUE’s modules: Using Active Learning Techniques in Large Classes and Planning Effective Class Discussions.

Cohen teaches undergraduates, graduate students, and medical students at the University of Arizona. She recently became the discipline director for physiology in the medical school in Tucson. In 2015 she adapted her upper-division physiology of the immune system course with 160 students for delivery in the University of Arizona Library’s new Collaborative Learning Space, a move which she calls transformative both for her and the students.

Constantly using new techniques and strategies to increase student engagement and learning, Cohen’s achievements include developing the first fully online course in immunology, taught in the Department of Physiology. Cohen is the 2019 recipient of the Margaret M. Briehl and Dennis T. Ray Five Star Faculty Award, the only award for University of Arizona faculty members to be chosen solely by students. Outreach to the community and guiding the personal growth and engagement of her students are major parts of Cohen’s teaching commitment; she is the faculty advisor for the Physiology Club, the American Medical Student Association – Undergraduate chapter, UNICEF, and the Future Health Leaders Alliance.