Ali Amjad

Headshot for Ali Amjad
Regional Customer Success Director

Ali Amjad is a Regional Customer Success Director at ACUE. He was drawn to ACUE because of its mission to give all students a chance at educational success and providing exceptional continuing education resources and opportunities to those in one of the toughest jobs; our educators across the country. Ali’s operations management, customer-focused approach, and ability to foster strong and fruitful partnerships are essential to supporting ACUE’s university partners.

Prior to joining ACUE, Ali worked with university partners for digital skills boot camps, delivering test preparation training to International Medical Graduates, and most recently, developing and implementing Tutoring implementations in the K-12 space. He hopes to be able to drive meaningful impact in classrooms, teacher retention, and educational outcomes for students from all backgrounds.

Ali holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Binghamton University.