Carmen Macharaschwili, PhD

Academic Director

Dr. Macharaschwili is an Academic Director for ACUE. She has dedicated her career to the study of teaching and learning working with students and training teachers from the elementary school level through graduate school. Macharaschwili is inspired by how effective teaching practice makes an incredible impact on student learning. Initially a consumer of ACUE resources through work with fellow faculty members in the development of a First-Year College Seminar program, she is thrilled to be able to share her experience and expertise in serving faculty and students in her native Midwest region.

Macharaschwili is a certified teacher, administrator, and educational consultant. She served as a tenured professor and Department Chair of Education at Holy Cross College and as a professor in the University of Notre Dame’s Alliance for Catholic Education. Her research includes the study of the effectiveness of online and blended learning environments. Other research interests include professional development, first-generation and minority student success, language learning, New Literacy Studies, and the implementation of best practice in teaching and learning.

Macharaschwili earned a BS in Elementary Education from Indiana University, Bloomington with a bilingual endorsement and a specialty in Spanish. She holds an MSEd in Elementary Education and an Administrator’s License from Indiana University, South Bend. She returned to Bloomington to complete her PhD in Language, Literacy, and Culture Education with a minor in Educational Leadership. Her strengths and experiences are in the implementation of innovative programming to promote student success through collaboration and innovation. She is passionate about advocating for students by supporting those who teach them.