Ericka Hollis, PhD

Headshot of Dr. Ericka Hollis
Senior Director of Academics

Dr. Ericka Hollis is the Senior Director of Academics at ACUE. In this role, she brings a wealth of experience and expertise to drive the success of ACUE’s academic programs, ensuring excellence, innovation, and positive student impact. Driven by the elegance and simplicity of ACUE’s mission, her career has been devoted to faculty and leadership development, aligning seamlessly with ACUE’s vision for educational excellence through student success. Hollis pursues educational communities that value service to society, student and community engagement, life-long learning, learner-centered practices, and academic excellence. She is a dynamic leader, promoter, creator, and administrator of high-quality learning experiences. Dr. Hollis’ teaching and learning philosophy is undergirded by nearly twenty years of instructional design and technology experience both in academia and the private sector solidified through years of postsecondary teaching and administrative experience.

Prior to joining ACUE, Dr. Hollis served as the Assistant Provost for Academic Innovation and Faculty Development at Regis College in Weston, Massachusetts. In this role, she led the Center for Instructional Innovation spearheading faculty development and instructional support. As an ACUE campus partner, Hollis witnessed the transformative power of evidence-based practices, strengthening her commitment to fostering educational change. Motivated by witnessing transformative change, she eagerly joined ACUE to advocate for evidence-based practices on a national scale. Hollis has been a driving force at various esteemed institutions, showcasing her expertise in instructional design, online learning, community building, and faculty development. Her professional journey includes roles such as the Associate Dean of Online Assessment and Faculty Development at Regis College, Assistant Director of Learning Design at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and Director of Online Learning at the University of Kentucky’s College of Education.

As a dedicated educator, Dr. Hollis has contributed significantly academia. She has served as a lecturer at the University of Kentucky, imparting her knowledge in Educational Leadership Studies as well as Informational Literacy and Critical Thinking. Her passion for fostering engaged learning communities is reflected in her extensive instructional experience, including teaching courses at various institutions like Georgetown College, University of Phoenix, Jönköping University, and Edith Cowan University. Dr. Hollis has authored and co-authored peer-reviewed  journal articles, practitioner articles, and provided numerous refereed, practitioner, and invited presentations.

With a BS in Technical Communication with minors in Business Administration and Christianity from Mercer University, a MEd in Instructional Technology from the University of Georgia, and a PhD in Education Sciences with a specialization in Higher Education Technology Leadership from the University of Kentucky, Dr. Hollis combines her technical proficiency with a deep understanding of andragogical and pedagogical principles. Her commitment to quality education is further evident through certifications such as the University of Kentucky’s Graduate Certificates in College Teaching and Learning and School Technology Leadership and ACUE’s full-credential program in Effective College Instruction. She has been a member of the Quality Matters community since 2011 and holds multiple certifications and roles.

Dr. Hollis actively engages in professional and university service. She serves as a reviewer for prestigious journals, participates in committees, and contributes to the enhancement of educational practices. She has earned several honors and awards, including the most recent American Academic Leadership Institute Senior Leadership Academy Fellowship. Her commitment to creating meaningful and transformative educational experiences resonates in her professional journey and scholarly contributions, making her a valuable asset to the academic community.