Philip Wong

Director, Digital Marketing and Demand Generation

Philip Wong is the Director, Digital Marketing and Demand Generation at ACUE. He was drawn to this position for the opportunity to help move the needle and increase the knowledge, expertise, and topic authoritativeness of ACUE by increasing the awareness of what ACUE offers to help colleges and universities be better instructors.

As a leader in digital marketing and demand generation, Philip promotes ACUE product offerings that help professors be better instructors. He firmly believes in the value of education, noting that great educators create very talented people going into the next generation. In fact – a great college instructor changed his life, so if he can help in any way to create an environment where great professors are molding the minds of the youth, that is something he can be passionate about every day.

Philip has 13 years in digital marketing, with 10 years at the director level. From small start-ups to enterprise-level B2B SaaS companies, he has built fully functioning, high-performing demand generation engines for several companies in my recent roles. He holds an MBA in Digital Media and Web Analytics from the University of Houston.