Content Refresher: Create a Video Explainer for Rubric Criteria

For years, we have asked our ACUE Certified instructors what they would find valuable in a community, and, consistently, we have heard the response “content refreshers,” or brief reminders about practices learned in ACUE courses to inspire continued implementation.

In order to identify which practices to highlight, we took a deep dive into your aggregated Practice & Reflect survey data. Which practices represented new learning? Which practices did you implement the most? The least?

Our first content refresher features a practice that represents new learning for a number of course-takers but can have a significant impact for students. This practice, “create a video explainer for rubric criteria,” increases transparency about assignment expectations and can lead to fewer questions and higher quality submissions. 

In the video below, you’ll hear from Dr. Andrea Jackson and Professor Mya Rome about how they use this practice and from students about the benefits.

As you prepare to create your own rubric explainer video, we invite you to review our implementation guide

Is this a practice you planned to implement when engaged in your ACUE course? Return to your What’s Next Report to check off this practice and others you set plans to implement.


Expert Dive: Motivating Students to Learn: A Q&A with Dr. José Bowen

What strategies can we use to help motivate students so that they can develop a more positive attitude toward learning and achieve greater success? Hear from Dr. José Bowen, a distinguished scholar, author, musician, and recipient of the Ernest L. Boyer Award recognizing contributions to American higher education, about practices to help increase student motivation.

Ask YourselfHow do you know what matters to your students, and how do you use that information to motivate them to learn?


Ask YourselfWhat strategies do you use to help students believe that your course content matters? Have they been successful? Why or why not?



Ask YourselfWhat incentives do you use with students to elicit desired learning behaviors? Have these been successful? Why or why not?