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Starting the Semester Strong: Implementing Syllabus Activities to Engage Your Students

What strategies might you consider to engage your students in actively using your syllabus? On Episode 56 of the Note Doctors podcast, Dr. Amy Hatch, an Assistant Professor of Instruction in Music Theory from The University of Texas at Arlington who is certified in ACUE’s Framework, shares the impact of implementing the syllabus reconnaissance activity with her students. Listen to the episode and then access our resource below for guidance on how to use a syllabus reconnaissance or scavenger hunt in your course.

Listen to this episode of the Note Doctors podcast on YouTube:  Episode 56: Amy Hatch


Implementation resource:  ACUE Downloadable

Ask Yourself: How has your use of a syllabus activity impacted students’ understanding of your expectations and engagement in your course?

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Content Refresher: Liquid Syllabus

Your course syllabus serves as a roadmap for the entire course and outlines expectations, assignments, readings, and due dates.

One way to ensure that students have easy access to this important tool is by creating a liquid syllabus, which is a web-based version that can serve as a “one-stop shop” for course information, incorporate engaging visuals, and include a friendly welcome video to ensure your students feel welcomed and supported from the start.

Hear from Dr. Michelle Pacansky-Brock about steps you can take to create your own liquid syllabus and the benefits of doing so.

Where to Start

Develop Your Homepage

Explore the Benefits

We invite you to access Dr. Pacansky-Brock’s example of her own liquid syllabus, and then visit her open-access resource to create your own.

Ask Yourself: What are the three most important components I want to include on the homepage of my liquid syllabus?