An Inside Look at Effective Teaching at UConn

ACUE teamed up with the University of Connecticut a day of on-camera interviews and classroom filming.

Next month, a cohort of UConn’s faculty will become the latest educators to enroll in ACUE’s innovative Course in Effective Teaching Practices. Ahead of the launch, two of UConn’s top instructors—Lucy Gilson and Amit Savkar—agreed to open their classroom doors to share their effective college teaching practices.

Filming in the classroom

Behind-the-scenes photos from the shoot offer an inside look at how ACUE’s cameras capture the nuances and subtleties of the teaching and learning process. In the photo above, a camera zooms in during a mathematics lesson in Professor Savkar’s class.

The footage will be used for ACUE’s Course in Effective Teaching Practices, which addresses the practical and research-based techniques shown to improve student learning. The Course features engaging videos of nationally recognized experts and top faculty showcasing effective teaching techniques. (See ACUE’s Effective Practice Framework and check out our Tour a Module page for more details)

A photo of Associate Professor Amit Savkar being interviewed on camera in his classroom.

Associate Professor Amit Savkar engages in a discussion about pedagogy. In addition to being filmed during class, the instructors are also interviewed to discuss their instructional practices.

Centers for teaching and learning

UConn’s Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning is one of the many centers for teaching and learning that ACUE has worked with to build a comprehensive and scalable faculty development program. The two UConn instructors, Savkar and Gilson, demonstrated a range of effective college teaching techniques featured in ACUE’s Course as part of the shoot.

Savkar, an associate professor of mathematics, was filmed on techniques for preparing effective syllabi and keeping all students engaged, among others. Gilson, a department head in UConn’s School of Business, was filmed on techniques for advanced questioning and providing useful feedback to students, among others.

ACUE has now collaborated with two institutions in Connecticut. Faculty at Wesleyan University are also piloting the Course this term.

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