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Welcome to ACUE's online community for National Higher Education Teaching Conference attendees!

Each week in this virtual space, you will be provided new tools and resources that will aid you in implementing the insights and knowledge you acquired during the conference. Additionally, join us every Monday in the private NHETC Discussion Group for the Question of the Week.


Impact Study

First-Year Retention Rates Higher for Students of ACUE Faculty at The University of Southern Mississippi - Read now

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Opening Plenary Panel Article & Video Clips

College Teaching’s Past, Present, and Future from the NHETC Opening Plenary featuring José Bowen, Corbin Campbell, Laura I. Rendón and Jonathan Zimmerman. - Read now

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ChatGPT, Hyflex, Hybrid

Learn more about the promise and challenge of Hybrid, Hyflex, and AI and how to prepare faculty and students for responsible, equitable, and productive engagement with new technologies. - Review now

Partnering with the Bot: Implications for Using ChatGPT in Teaching and Learning

Highlighting concerns for academic integrity and the spread of misinformation, critics of ChatGPT have called for baning it in the classroom. But is there an alternative approach? Presenters address major challenges surrounding ChatGPT and share practical opportunities for partnering with the bot to enhance students’ learning experiences. - Review now

Fostering a Culture of Belonging

"When students don't feel like they belong, they're less likely to complete and reach their academic goals." Hear from campus leaders about the importance of Fostering a Culture of Belonging. - Watch now

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Addressing the Leaking Pipeline in STEM

In this session, presenters Dr. Jaracus Copes, President/CEO of The Applied Learning Academy Inc., and Nikki R. Herman, Director of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Education and Learning at the University of Rochester Medical Center, cover key points addressing the leaking pipeline in STEM. - Watch now

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Reimagining Institutional Support and Teaching

In the last four decades, campuses have created policies and practices that have eroded faculty's ability to engage in quality teaching. Part of creating a more positive teaching and learning environment begins with examining and understanding these trends and learning about campuses that are bucking these trends by creating more supportive environments. - Watch now

The Impact of Investing in Faculty

Learn how The University of Southern Mississippi experienced a positive culture shift upon investing in its faculty. - Watch now

Creating a Culture of Student Success through Faculty Development

Presenters representing a variety of development models in higher education will share their experiences and invite participants to create a vision to elevate effective teaching as a key component to the student success agenda in different contexts. - Watch now


Movement Makers

Celebrating institutions delivering excellent instruction

Dramatically increasing student retention. Providing nearly 100 percent of faculty with the foundation for delivering excellent instruction. Demonstrating an enduring commitment to the success of all students. These are just a few of the accomplishments of the nine colleges and universities honored as “Movement Makers” at the Association of College and University Educators (ACUE)’s 2023 National Higher Education Teaching Conference (NHETC).

Learn about each of our Movement Maker institutions and systems by visiting the link below. You can also click one of the logos at the right to be taken to a specific institution.