“Life’s Classroom” with Rudy Jean-Bart

One strategy you can use to reduce the impact of imposter phenomenon is incorporating your former students’ voices into your courses.

Through interviews with his former students on his podcast, “Life’s Classroom,” Rudy Jean-Bart, has inspired his current students to overcome adversity and pursue their goals––in college and beyond.

Expert Panel in discussion

See It First: FCB Expert Panel​

The Conversations in Inclusion and Belonging video series contains four videos that captured discussions between experts in diversity, equity, and inclusion. We have provided a few ways for you and your campus to engage with these videos. The listening guide is a companion to the videos, providing reflective questions designed to help individual participants engage more deeply with the content. We have also provided a facilitator guide if you would like to host a watch party and discuss the content in the videos. The length of the videos may require that you only do one or two at a time. You may also suggest that your participants watch the videos on their own and then join in on a discussion.

Managing the Impact of Biases

Reducing Microaggressions

Addressing Imposter Phenomenon and Stereotype Threat

Cultivating an Inclusive Environment